• Edycja limitowana x Dawid Ryski

Edycja limitowana x Dawid Ryski

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There has never been such a bottle in the history of Wiśniewski. Energetic sounds enclosed in a unique illustration by Dawid Ryski (instagram.com/talkseek/), which will take you on a journey through musical sounds.  
Dawid Ryski is an illustrator, graphic designer and musician. He designs concert posters , album covers, illustrates the press. He plays drums in the alternative rock band Penthouse. He created for many well-known foreign brands such as Netflix, HBO, Apple and IKEA. He has also cooperated with one of the most famous French fashion houses Hermes - David's graphics adorn cashmere and silk men's scarves from the First & Chic collection for autumn 2023.
GIG is a story of an unforgettable musical adventure. Goosebumps, rapid breathing, stage lights reflected in wide-open eyes. 
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